Showreel 2018

Music: Plank!

Pretty Green x The Beatles: Yellow Submarine

In conjunction with Pretty Green’s new clothing range to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of The Beatles Yellow Submarine. We were tasked to come up with an animation inspired by the film that also had a modern edge. A loaded psychedelic experience which takes you on a journey through different worlds featuring selected pieces of the new range.

Animation, Compositing, Editing: Scott Lockhart

Illustration and Design:

Direction and Soundtrack:: Toto Vivian


Meet Magnus, a delicate soul who tries his best to stay positive as the world the around him falls apart.

Animation, Compositing: Scott Lockhart

Illustration, Design: Sam Alder

Butlers Blacksticks Blue

Creative agency Quiet Storm asked us to create this animated commercial for Butlers Blacksticks Blue, a distinctive blue cheese which is actually orange! So in collaboration with Edit 19 and working with the tagline “A taste of the unexpected”, we created a strange shadowy village where this mysterious bright orange cheese has a surreal power over the locals, causing them to behave very oddly indeed.

Direction, Animation, Animation Direction, Compositing, Layout Design: Scott Lockhart

Illustration, Co-Direction: Sam Alder

Music: Louis Barabbas & The Bedlam Six

The Tell-Tale Hound

Louis Barabbas & The Bedlam Six commissioned us to make this music video for their track ‘The Tell-Tale Hound’. We used shadow puppetry imagery and a strong narrative to bring their fan favourite of a track to life.

Animation, Compositing, Editing: Scott Lockhart

Direction, Illustration, Design: Sam Alder

Music: Louis Barabbas & The Bedlam Six

Astro Pi Competition

We were asked to create this animated explainer for the fantastic Astro Pi competition, the competition which offers students the chance to devise and code their own apps or experiment to run in space. This great opportunity was a result of leading UK Space organisations teaming up with British ESA Astronaut Tim Peake and Raspberry Pi.

The animation was voiced by Astronaut Tim Peake himself.

Your code in space!

Animation, Editing, Compositing, Layout Design, Sound: Scott Lockhart

Lead Character Animation: Sam Jones

Direction, Design, Illustration: Sam Alder

Setting Up Your Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is a credit-card sized computer that is capable of extraordinary things. The Raspberry Pi Foundation wanted to explain the basic setup for the Pi, so we created this fun explainer to educate people on what bits go where!

Saladhouse were also lucky enough to enlist the voice talent of the marvellous Johnny Ball, to bring our animation to life.

Animation, Layout Design, 3D Animation, Compositing, Editing: Scott Lockhart

Direction, Design, Illustration: Sam Alder

Sound Design: Marcus Alexander

Voice-over: Johnny Ball

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